Wanna be a bird

I want to fly like a bird

but I am the heaviest burden

…wanna be the bird

I want to be as light as air

but there's so much to bear

…wanna be the air

I want to be strong as a tree

but being sick requires medical treatment

…wanna be the tree

I want to be fresh as the rain

but I stifle as smoke from a train

…wanna be the rain

I want to shine like the sun

but I was born as Darkness's son

…wanna be the sun

I want to be dazzling like the sea

but then everyone would barely see

…wanna be the sea

I want to serve others like a golden fish

but every thought I have is just too selfish

…wanna be the fish

I want to be warm like sand

but my breath has a freezing scent

…wanna be the sand

I want to glow like a star

but have no light, I'm endlessly starving

…wanna be the star

I want to have brothers like an ant

but all my relationships seem to end

…wanna be the ant

I want to smell like rose

but all the sins made me gross

…wanna be the rose

I want to work hard like a bee

but it's tough for me to simply be

…wanna be the bee

I want to grow like the grass

but I'm trampled and roughly grasped

…wanna be the grass

I want to be carefree like a rabbit

but all the knowledge – I need to grab it

…wanna be the rabbit

I want to be unshakeable as a cliff

but can't manage to fearlessly live

…wanna be the cliff

I want to be colorful as a leaf

but in the end, all my tones will leave

…wanna be the leaf

why did You create me as human being?

…beauty is not what I am seeing

please make me an animal, mountain or plant

fire, tree or just a grain of sand…