English Poemish

(Mount Everest)

You think I'm a little bit foolish

If I try to make a poem in English.

But I wanna see your bloody face

When I easily win the first place.

So what I am supposed to write?

It needs something special, right?

I don't want to talk about hell

Heaven is a never-ending theme, as well.

For example I can speak

About the world's highest peak.

Pictures of it are pretty nice

It's covered by the freezing ice.

Mount Everest is its name

The big mountain with white fame.

And over 8000 meters high.

Just look if you pass by.

But if you walk alone

Don't try to reach this stone.

You could break a bone

Or lose your mobile phone.

So go up to the hills

Only with enough skills.

My poem is the same

I can't do it without my brain.